MAR 27 2011

April 2 – Special meeting



Next weekend on Saturday April 2nd, we will be holding a special club meeting in room H762. It will begin at 12pm as a regular meeting, but at 1pm we will take a brief pause to deal with some administrative issues. This will involve voting on a couple of amendments to the club constitution, and most importantly electing all new executives. This means that there will be four positions open, including president, vice-president, treasurer, and events coordinator. Anyone who has been to at least one regular meeting is eligible to vote, and anyone in this group who is also an undergraduate student can run for a position. If you want to run for one of these positions, you should be planning on being at Concordia as an undergraduate student in the following fall semester, at the very least.  The position of the president takes up the most time, so that should also be taken into consideration. If you have any questions about specific duties involved send an email to